Derby Bible Week

All One in Christ Jesus

Local Evangelical Churches

Derby Bible Week is organised by a cross-denominational group of evangelical churches and the committee is:

Committee Member
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Neil Barber (Chairman)
St. Giles’ Church, Derby
Steve Adam (Secretary)
Woodlands Evangelical Church
Tim Houghton
Christ Church Derby
Andrew Knox
Davenport Road Evangelical Church
Brian Nicholls (Treasurer)
Duffield Baptist Church
David Fielding
Castlefields Church Derby
Jason Ward
St Mary's Chaddesden

The Derby Bible Week Committee is committed to operating as part of the Keswick
Fellowship worked out in these statements:

Our beliefs

  • There is one God in three persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • God is sovereign in creation, revelation, redemption and final judgment.
  • The Bible, as originally given, is the inspired and infallible Word of God. It is the supreme authority in all matters of belief and behaviour.
  • Since the fall, the whole of humankind is sinful and guilty, so that everyone is subject to God's wrath and condemnation.
  • The Lord Jesus Christ, God's incarnate Son, is fully God; he was born of a virgin; his humanity is real and sinless; he died on the cross, was raised bodily from death and is now reigning over heaven and earth.
  • Sinful human beings are redeemed from the guilt, penalty and power of sin only through the sacrificial death once and for all time of their representative and substitute, Jesus Christ, the only mediator between them and God.
  • Those who believe in Christ are pardoned all their sins and accepted in God's sight only because of the righteousness of Christ credited to them; this justification is God's act of undeserved mercy, received solely by trust in him and not by their own efforts.
  • The Holy Spirit alone makes the work of Christ effective to individual sinners, enabling them to turn to God from their sin and to trust in Jesus Christ.
  • The Holy Spirit lives in all those he has regenerated. He makes them increasingly Christ-like in character and behaviour and gives them power for their witness in the world.
  • The one holy universal church is the Body of Christ, to which all true believers belong.
  • The Lord Jesus Christ will return in person, to judge everyone, to execute God's just condemnation on those who have not repented and to receive the redeemed to eternal glory.

Our values

We are committed to Christ-like relationships of honesty, generosity and integrity in all areas of work.
We want our relationships to be governed by fundamental Biblical imperatives, including:
  • The dignity and worth of all human beings
  • A willingness to forgive and restore broken relationships
  • Mutual help, encouragement and support
  • Openness, integrity and honesty in speech and behaviour
  • A commitment to one another through sacrificial service
  • The centrality of prayer, seeking God’s grace for all aspects of our relationships and work

Our unity

The Keswick movement worldwide has adopted a key Pauline statement to describe its gospel inclusivity: ‘for you are all one in Christ Jesus’ (Gal 3:28). The Keswick Fellowship works with evangelicals from a wide variety of church backgrounds, on the understanding that they share a commitment to the essential truths of the Christian faith as set out in our belief statement (above). All who speak are asked to affirm their commitment to the doctrinal statement, but also to display sensitivity and generosity of spirit on the wide range of issues where evangelicals, in good conscience, hold a variety of opinions. Founded on our unity in Christ and our shared understanding of evangelical truth, we expect those who minister among us to expound scripture with clarity and faithfulness, but respectfully ask them not to use the platform to campaign for particular positions on such secondary issues.
Recognising that scripture allows for legitimate difference on such matters (Romans 14:1-15:13), we lay these aside for the purposes of our ministry together.

Lifestyle, morality and personal example

The Keswick movement has always sought to highlight the call to Christlikeness. Holiness and practical godliness has been part of our DNA as an event and as a movement. We therefore seek to live in accordance with Biblical guidelines in all areas of life, with truth and integrity in our relationships, attitudes and behaviour. We are called to a distinctive lifestyle of discipleship.
Our ministry requires us to demonstrate that lifestyle, especially as we are likely to influence others, including in our work amongst children and young people. Such a lifestyle includes regular Bible reading and prayer and active involvement in a local church. It is marked by a selfless attitude to money, possessions, time, work, leisure, social action and relationships. It demonstrates moral standards, including an acceptance that the only appropriate place for a sexual relationship is within a marriage between a man and a woman.

Whilst we recognise that as fallen people we often fall short of this ideal, we believe that God’s grace and forgiveness are always available to those who repent. We nevertheless expect that all those working with us will affirm these principles and be committed to work towards achieving such a lifestyle with God’s help.

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