Derby Bible Week

All One in Christ Jesus

Who is the speaker?

This will come as no great surprise but, because of the current Coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions imposed by the government, we have sadly had to cancel this year’s Derby Bible Week.

Monday Talk — 20th April 2020 Chapter 1: The Risen and Glorified Lord
Tuesday Talk — 21st April 2020 Chapters 2-3: The Lord speaks to His Church
Wednesday Talk — 22nd April 2020 Chapters 4-5: The Lamb upon the throne
Thursday Talk — 23rd April 2020 Chapters 6-8: The Lamb who rescues

Dick is the Associate Vicar at St John’s Tunbrigde Wells, as well as the chair of the Church Society Trust patronage board, and a member of the ReNew planning group. Having been a vicar in Essex, Dick and his wife Suzanne moved to Tunbridge Wells in the summer of 2009; they have two children, Rebekah and Jonathan, and one grandson.

What is the Topic?
Dick will teaching us Revelation: What must soon take place

Can I get a copy of the flyer?
Click here to get a PDF of the flyer.

When does it start?
This year we're delighted to be running Derby Bible Week at two different times and in two different locations. We hope this will enable more people to be able to access everything that Derby Bible Week offers.

• Each morning at Christ Church Derby from 10.00—11.30 am (doors open at 9.30 am and refreshments served afterwards), and
• Each evening at Woodlands Evangelical Church from 7.30—9pm (refreshments afterwards).

  • Will there be a Bookstall?
There will be a bookstall at each venue and the same combination of warm fellowship, lively worship and quality Bible teaching. An offering is taken during the meeting to defray the costs of arranging the event.

  • Is a Creche provided?
We're delighted to offer a creche again this year in our morning meetings. No booking necessary, but there will be a consent form to fill in on arrival. Equally, there are some tables at the back of the main room where some carers may like to sit with their children.