Derby Bible Week

All One in Christ Jesus

Bible Week 2006

Every Christian knows that living a God-honouring life these days is tough, whether in family, work or social life. But the Bible tells us that it has always been this way for God’s people. This year John Gillespie of Grace Community Church in Morval, Cornwall comes to Woodlands for Derby Bible Week to speak on the topic “Joseph: Man of God, Man under Fire”. Joseph (in Genesis 37-50) faced many trials in his life but he found that God had great plans to work out through him for his glory.

John Gillespie moved to Cornwall in 1987 to pastor in the Methodist circuit. After dissenting over issues of Biblical authority he was dismissed and formed Grace Community Church in 1994. The growing church, now member of the F.I.E.C., is looking to extend its premises and is also in early stages of their first church plant. Besides preaching, John has a passion to train young men for the ministry. John Gillespie leads us in the study of this great biblical character, Joseph.

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Derby Bible Week Talks
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Tuesday Talk –
Talk 2 Potiphar’s wife, Tuesday Reading 2
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Talk 3 Dreams, Wednesday Reading 3
Thursday Talk –
Talk 4 Family Reunion, Thursday Reading 4